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Connecting Carmichael

  • Carmichael businesses have long struggled with having the right kind and enough signage to advertise their businesses. There were certain code enforcement rules that businesses had to abide by in regard to the signage they used. When the recession hit, the county eased up a bit on the enforcement, wanting to give businesses every opportunity to market their products and services. Believing that there are strong indicators of market recovery, Sacramento County Code Enforcement is returning to the current signage codes. On Friday, April 25, county teams will be traveling through Carmichael to educate businesses about potential non-conforming signs. They want to give business owners advanced notice so they can be aware that they will be stopping by.  The teams will be looking at overall signage as they focus on illegal signs in the public right-of-way, such as road medians, sidewalks and utility poles. The purpose of these visits is... Read more →